Secco Sistemi

BAU 2019

Fair in Munich

BAU 2019

Secco Sistemi wishes you a great 2019 and invites you from january 14th to 19th at BAU 2019 in Munich, where it will be presented the new XT and the OS2 evolution.

Among the important innovations at BAU 2019, Secco Sistemi will introduce an original and innovative casement window, the new XT system which extremely reduces the visible sections proposing very slim, sharp and firm lines.

The OS2 system evolves with new declinations:
– OS2 AS the lift-and-slide door in a refined four-sashes configuration
– OS2 BV the beveled with the glazing bead that mimics the outer sidelines of the sash for the perfect symmetry
– OS2 LB the bi-folding door in a wide five-sashes configuration
– OS2 40 the essential frame for the realization of doors and fixed partition with the chracteristic sidelines of the OS2 profiles

BAU 2019
14th-19th january 2019 | stand 134 | pavilion C1
Messe München GmbH Messegelände 81823 Munich