Russian spiritual center
Paris, France
Wilmotte & Associés
Alessandra Chemollo
burnished stainless steel
Thanks to a sizeable investment from the Russian government, it was possible to restructure an entire block in the VII arrondissement in Paris, adjacent to the River Seine, at the height of Pont de l’Alma and just a couple of hundred metres away from the Eiffel Tower. The project involved four buildings with a total surface area of almost 5,000 square metres: the Orthodox cathedral, an exhibition centre, an office block and an education centre for religion and the Russian language. The aim of the enterprise was to portray a new cultural identity through innovative architectural language: hence the choice for the distinctive, precious and brilliant facing of the buildings. As a result, the sparkle of the five gilded onion-shaped domes of the church stands out in the Parisian skyline, as do the exteriors of the different buildings with their elegant materials: curved glass, worked Borgogna stone and steel. In particular, on the lower floor the entrances have been supplied with satin-finished stainless steel EBE 85 profiles, with a sequence of broad double-fly glass doors, and smooth blind or brise soleil panels. In the double-façade system on the upper floors, the external facing uses the 4F 2 system.