Lakeside Villa
Lugano, Switzerland
Cappa Venco Architetti
Corinna Cappa
ABS Fenster Sagl
painted galvanized steel
The home of a young couple of art collectors situated at the top of the Collina d’oro in Lugano, the building comprises three, parallel volumes that are on slightly different split-levels, so that it is possible to enjoy the enchanting landscape of the lake, mountains and flourishing garden surrounding it. Solidity and transparency: these are the themes that the architect developed in the project. It is marked by the continuity and permeability of the spaces between the interior and exterior through the completely glazed walls and, at the same time, by the reassuring sense of protection coming from the clearly marked modular pattern of the structural frame. The smooth, calm and silent surface of the lake becomes part of the house through the window, while the sophisticated details of the furnishings and the fluid spaces of the domestic interior communicate with the Ticino landscape. The extensive transparent surfaces of the façades are built using the EBE system, and are both rectilinear and curved, with sliding and fixed doors and windows, preserving the same sections throughout the entire perimeter of the doors and windows; the profiles of the latter are in painted galvanised steel and integrate perfectly with the other simple and natural materials in the villa.