JW Marriott Isola delle Rose
Venezia, Italia
Matteo Thun & Partners
Daniele Nalesso
Ialc srl
burnished brass
On one of the largest islands in the Venice lagoon, boasting 16 hectares of vegetable gardens, orchards and gardens, the leading resort in Italy with a prestigious international brand in the hotel industry resulted in the regeneration of the entire island, with a master plan that not only restored the early twentieth century architecture but also protected the landscape. The project preserved and enhanced the character of each building: the pavilions of the former hospital, the church, the director’s house, but also the boat storage areas, the former warehouses, the recreational area and the piezometric tower. The strengths of the project include the view of Venice and the relationship between the comfortable, elegant interiors with the green: outstanding elements are therefore the large panoramic glass windows – with the 4F 2 façade systems -, the doors and windows – made with the 0S2 and EBE systems, and either lift and slide, fixed, casement or tip and turn – offering diverse solutions for each façade and each building, thus resolving any problems linked to the conservative restoration of notified buildings, surrounded by the water and saline, corrosive air of the lagoon.