Athens, Greece
Nikos Ktenàs
Sias SA
painted galvanized steel
The “sculptured skin” of the new housing complex reveals the meaning of its name, Inside-Out. It is an invaluable three-dimensional envelope with sun breaker-shelves along the façades interspersed with windows that can be opened completely, solid inserts and protruding volumes. Allowing one to sense what is happening in the interior – in other words, the structure of the building and the apartments – the system of the perimetric façades emphasises the borders with the domestic areas, continuing to above the roofing to include the open, protected space of the roof garden with swimming pool. The elegant architectural design has opted for doors and windows with the SA 20 system in painted galvanised steel, creating both an interplay of the solids and voids of the external façades, and the smooth walls of the internal courtyard. The reinforced concrete structure supporting the ceilings and the protruding elements in the façades forms the atrium, allowing the utmost freedom in the plan of the apartments. The result is a building that appears to be closed and monolithic but is also open and transparent, isolating and distinguishing itself in the dense urban fabric surrounding it whilst also participating in city life.