Hilton Molino Stucky
Venezia, Italia
Giuseppe Boccanegra
Brombal srl, C.B.S. srl, Due Esse srl, Gualini spa, Splendore & Granella snc
burnished brass
Constructed in several phases from 1884 to 1895, ever since Molino Stucky has dominated the Giudecca Canal with its massive volume. An outstanding testimony of industrial archaeology, for over seventy years this neo-Gothic building was at the avant-garde as a steam-driven mill. In the nineteen fifties it began its great decline, until it was totally restructured and transformed into a five-star hotel that opened in 2007. Not only the restoration of the brick walls, but also the replacement of the doors and windows was the object of intensive study regarding the transformation of the building to its new use, with the high quality performance requirements this entailed. The 1950 original doors and windows in slim iron-window, without sealing and with an elegant geometrical grid had to be faithfully reproduced in the sections and outline of the profiles; they also had to be adapted to the openings in the façades, which were rectangular with segmental, pointed and round arches. The research carried out by the designers together with Secco Sistemi resulted in the application of the SA 15 and EBE 65 systems in burnished brass, with the window and door frames fastened in engineering bricks.