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XT: thermal-break system for glasses up to 40 mm with 22 mm profiles, visible section from 22 to 52 mm, depth 70 mm.

  1. glazing bead
  2. glazing slot up to 40 mm
  3. internal and external overlap
  4. internal rebate gasket
  5. central flipper gasket
  6. external rebate gasket
  7. composite structural thermal break polyurethane
  8. composite structural thermal break polyamide


Thin with a high level of performance, the XT profiles create an original and inno­vative product that extremely reduces the visible sections and sets new standards for the industry.

In the Secco Sistemi precious metals – galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass – XT reproduces figures of the past in the restoration, thereby respecting the character of old and modern buildings, updating their use, or designing new geometries for contemporary architecture in fine crisp and sharp lines.

With profiles ranging from 22 mm to 38 mm, the XT door or window concentrates the synthesis of Secco Sistemi’s experience and research for superior performance.