SA AF profiles for fire-resistant fixtures | window and door facade galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel | Seccosistemi thermal break tubolar fireproof
SA AF profiles for fire-resistant fixtures - thermal break tubolar fireproof galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel | Seccosistemi


System of profiles for fire doors and fire-proof fixed panels EW 30/60/90 that may be used with the other fixtures of the SA set

  1. internal and external flush
  2. double rebate fire seal
Fire-resistance: flame-proof and smoke-proof, plus containing of the radiation of the side not exposed directly to fire


The compartmentalization of the areas in order to protect people from the dangers of fire and fumes – with all the constraints and specifications imposed by the fire-resistance technology – means that the designer has to integrate fire-proof doors and glazing panels with the other fixtures of the building.
In spite of its highly specific characteristics, the SA AF system still provides a range of doors and glass partitions for internal and external use, with the same materials, shapes and thicknesses and accessories as the other Secco Sistemi products: all the elements blend in with each other, in perfect harmony with the rest of the building.
Thanks to an accurate study of specific materials and internal components, including accessories and gaskets, the system SA AF offers fixtures that provide different classes of protection from fire: EW 30 / 60 / 90

SA AF Ew 30/60/90 door

system and performance

SA AF EW 30/60/90 is a system which is fully integrated with accessories, gaskets and non-insulating profiles, allowing to produce a wide range of doors and glass partitions that are resistant to fire.
Single glazing panels or insulating glazing with thickness of up to 35 mm can be installed.
Each solution comes with its specific certified accessories that are integrated with the system.
The capacity of the frame to not let flames and hot fumes pass (fire resistance E) is guaranteed by the structural profile and by the double seal system.
The capacity to contain the irradiation on the side not exposed to the flames (irradiation W) is obtained thanks to the special glazing installed.

The performance of the systems AF EW 30/60/90 has been tested by the best European certification laboratories in conformity with the current standard EN 1634-1 regulations

fire performance E 30 - Ew 60 - Ew 90
smoke seal Sm - C5 *
mechanical strength: durability 200.000 cycle *
ref: EN 1364-1 standard
* ref: EN 1364-3 standard, ref: single-leaf galvanized steel 1300 x 2300 mm door

size and variations

SA AF EW 30/60/90 door is flush-mounted on the interior and on the exterior. The lateral and central sections come in the same sizes as SA, with a visible lateral section of 131 mm.

lateral section | frame section 131 mm
central section | frame section 151 mm
bottom rail | frame section 140 mm

glazing bead

the rectangular glazing bead is available in various dimensions to contain different glazing thicknesses. This allows to achieve the high levels of resistance required to meet the fire-proof performance without the use of visible screws.



stainless steal 1502
h.135 | d.20 mm


the three-wing butt hinges are adjustable and come in galvanized steel, stainless steel, burnished stainless steel and corten steel. The three-wing flush hinge is also available in stainless steel.

stainless steal 6006 three-wing
h.130 | d.20 mm
weld-on 5001
h.145 | d.20 mm