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Thermal break window for glasses up to 40 mm, profiles from 27 to 62 mm, depth from 70 to 84 mm, variable based on the type of opening

  1. glazing bead
  2. glazing slot up to 40 mm
  3. internal and external overlap
  4. hardware groove
  5. internal rebate gasket
  6. external shape as the glazing bead
  7. external rebate gasket
  8. central flipper gasket
  9. composite structural thermal break polyurethane
  10. composite structural thermal break polyamide


OS2 BV has been designed to manufacture windows and doors that have the same moulding on the inside as well as the outside, maintaining the innovative technology and high-level performance features of OS2 systems.

The beveled angled shapes of the sash externally and the glazing bead internally are symmetrical with respect to the glass, perfectly centered on the frame, hence characterizing the frame by giving the external elevation the same depth and aesthetics of the internal one.

In the BV variant of OS2 with a symmetrical moulding on the inside and the inside of the frame, the visible sections range from 27 to 62 mm, the thickness varies based on the type of opening, from 70 to 84 mm, with glazing up to 40 mm.