HT Infinities thermal break panels for wall cladding systems | cover galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel brass | Seccosistemi thermal break
HT Infinities thermal break panels for wall cladding systems - thermal break galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel brass | Seccosistemi

HT Infinities

Wall cladding system for ventilated façades: thermal break panels with reduced sections in the complete range of materials and finishes

  1. alignment and support accessories
  2. fitting groove for gaskets and sealing accessorieses
  3. thermal break stave
  4. polyurethane foam
  5. adjustable substructure
The façade as a technological unit that integrates insulation, natural ventilation, photovoltaic panels

HT Infinities

The Infinities HF ventilated façade system is proposed as a technological solution that is suitable for use either for new buildings or for the renovation of pre-existing structures with a revaluation of the energy aspects, allowing for optimization of heat flow control between interiors and exteriors in summer and in winter periods.
The main advantages deriving from the installation of this system are the following: a choice of high-quality finishes in the four different materials, giving the cladding its distinctive character; energy efficiency and considerable improvement of thermal performance of the structure, thanks to the interaction between insulation and natural ventilation; capacity to generate renewable energy due to the possibility to insert photovoltaic panels perfectly integrating them into the façade.

HT Infinities ventilated façade system

system and performance

HF infinities is a system that has been designed to realize wall cladding to install on existing structures by means of applications of vertical and horizontal thermal break panels with high-quality physical, mechanical and aesthetic features.
The system HF Infinities includes an adjustable back ventilation groove which serves to control heat flow in summer and winter periods.The base element of the system, the panel, is composed of two metal parts joined and reinforced by lateral extruded pieces in polyamide and by an internal foam in open-cell polyurethane.
The HF Infinities panel has a thickness of 46 mm and is 333 mm high.
The particular conformation of the lateral extruded pieces allows for the inserting of specific EPDM gaskets as well as the securing of special aluminium accessories needed to fix the panels quickly and safely to the supporting structures.

weight of HT Infinities stave 8,2 kg/m
moment of inertia of the section on axis X Jx = 54,3 cm4 | Wx = 23,6 cm3
moment of inertia of the section on axis Y Jy = 2195 cm4 | Wy = 131,8 cm3
elongation for a delta T of 80°C 1 mm/m
thermal insulation 250 Pa/750 Pa

integrated photovoltaic panels

The ventilated front/ facade can be fitted, as an alternative to steel panels, with photovoltaic plates for energy production. The panels, in amorphous silicon cells, have a 6 to 10% efficiency and, when integrated in a south facing front, can produce around 45-65 kWh/m2 per year. This also depends on the quantity of sunlight available at the site of installation (taking into account Italian weather conditions).

photovoltaic laminate