EBE ML thermal break profiles with internal panelling in wood | window and door galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel brass | Seccosistemi thermal break
EBE ML thermal break profiles with internal panelling in wood - thermal break galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel brass | Seccosistemi


EBE thermal break system, 65 mm depth, in the variation with internal wooden panelling

  1. internal solid wood cladding
  2. fitting groove for glazing of up to 50 mm thick
  3. fitting groove for hardware
  4. flush on the exterior and rebated on the interior
  5. frame with weep system and triple gasket
  6. structural thermal break in polyammide and polyurethane
EBE profile in metal-wood: thermal break EBE ML system – innovative, versatile, complete


The ML system has been designed to meet various project requirements. Thanks to the structural rigidity of the thermal break profiles in steel, it is possible to realize windows of large dimensions with sections of only 85 mm, much less than those of wood. The depth of the metallic profile moreover allows installation of insulating glazing of large thicknesses with excellent levels of heat and acoustic insulation as well as safety.

The ML fixture has 90° butt-jointed wood panelling on the inside, and the exterior profile in metal, thus reducing the necessity for maintenance.
ML windows and doors are available in combinations of steel-wood, stainless steel-wood, corten-steel-wood and brass-wood, with various possible finishes to blend in with different architectonic settings.

Performance of the ML system has been tested in the best European certification laboratories in conformity with the current standard EN 14351-1 regulations.

EBE ML window

system and performance

The ML system is integrated with accessories, gaskets and thermal break profiles of 91 mm depth, making it possible to realize a wide range of rectangular, shaped or curved windows and to install insulating glazing of up to 50 mm thickness.
The sealing characteristics of the fixtures are guaranteed by a three-level seal weep system. The interior wood panelling can be replaced without removing the fixture.
Each solution comes complete with its own specific accessories (also concealed) integrated in the system.

wind resistance - test pressure 5
wind resistance - frame bending C
water tightness 9A
acoustic performance (with Rw per IGU 45 dB) 47 (-2;-5) dB *
thermal transmittance (with Ug glass 1.0 W/m2K) 1,16 W/m2K **
air permeability 4
break-in resistance (RC)3
ref: single-sash EBE 65 stainless steel 1200x2400mm window *ref: single-sash EBE 65 galvanaized steel 1230x1480mm window **calculation ref. EN ISO 10077/1

size and variations

ML window is rebated on the inside and flush-mounted on the outside. The standard solution of the side section is of 85 mm.

lower section | frame section 85 mm
lateral section | frame section 85mm
central section | frame section 145mm

glazing bead

The glazing bead is in wood and can be realized in various shapes, as well as with different species of wood, according to the various requirements of the project.



The Vitruvio TT handles are furnished in raw paintable brass, burnished brass, polished chrome brass and polished brass. The medium square version comes also in corten steel. The system also permits installation of other types of handles that are available on the market.

DK stainless steel 5056
h.135 | d.20 mm
DK “vitruvio medium” cut round
h.116 | d.15 mm
DK “vitruvio medium” sphere round
h.116 | l.15 mm
DK “vitruvio medium” cut square
h.116 | d.15 mm


The standard three-wing hinges are adjustable and are furnished in galvanized steel with the “e-look” finish and coloured plastic covers.
The hinges in stainless steel can be supplied with a polished, scotch brite or burnished finish.

AR standard
h.85 | d.15 mm
AR stainless steel
h.85 | d.15 mm
AR concealed