4F AF profiles for fire-resistant curtain walls | window and door facade galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel | Seccosistemi fireproof
4F AF profiles for fire-resistant curtain walls - fireproof galvanised steel stainless steel corten  steel | Seccosistemi


Self-supporting curtain wall with EI 30–60–90 fire-proof mullions and transoms, and external cover available in four materials

  1. fire-insulating Saint Gobain glass
  2. structural profiles of 100-120-150-180 mm
  3. system of perimetral gaskets in EPDM for air-tightness and drainage of water
  4. extruded product as spacer in closed-cell expanded polyethylene
  5. metallic pre-drilled cover to house the gaskets
  6. intumescent seal perimetrally around the glass
  7. snap-on cover
fire-insulating Saint Gobain glass – structural profiles of 100-120-150-180 mm, system of perimetral gaskets in EPDM for air-tightness and drainage of water


In the design of the fire-resistant façades, the aesthetic and functional features of Secco Sistemi products remain unaltered. Both as an internal partition or as an external cover, the 4F AF system faithfully re-produces the project design, both in the materials used and in the building details. The excellent physical-mechanical characteristics make this system fire-proof also when using profiles with considerably reduced sections and depths.
The elements and components have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of structural resistance to internal temperatures of 1000°C, maintenance of the external surface temperatures below 180° C, absence of flammable hot fumes, and unaltered preservation of performance for 90 minutes, for dimensions and weights of outsize glazing panels.

4F AF fireproof

system and performance

In the 4F AF system, which can be used both as an internal partition and as an external wall, there are subdivisions that, by implementing profiles of different sizes and using appropriate materials and types of glazing and specific accessories, can provide customized, tailor-made solutions; the system is thus made versatile to the point that possible resistance to fire can be varied from E30 minutes to EI90 minutes, with abatement of internal surface temperature. Performance has been tested by the best European certification laboratories.

wind resistance - allowed load ± 2,0 kN/m2
wind resistance - increased load ± 3,0 kN/m2
impact resistance I5 / E5
water tightness – static RE 1500
water tightness – dynamic 250 Pa/750 Pa
thermal transmittance* 0.80 W/m2K
air permeability AE
under reference standard EN 13830

size and variations

The size of the internal profiles and of the external covers is of 50 mm; the depth of the cover is of 16 mm in the mullions and 13 mm in the transoms.

mullion/transom depth 100mm | visible section 50 mm
mullion/transom | visible section 50 mm

materials of the covers

The covers of 4F AF are available in galvanized steel – with a wide range of colours and surface finishes – in stainless steel AISI 304, with stain finish, in stainless steel AISI 316L with shiny finish or scotch brite, in corten steel and in brass (copper alloy 0T67

possibilities for application

4F AF can be applied to any type of welded beam that has been specifically designed.

sealing characteristics

capacity of the frame to prevent the passing of flames, vapours and combustion gas


capacity of the frame to contain irradiation at a distance of 1 metre from the side exposed


capacity of the frame to contain the temperature of the side not exposed to flames

application options

4F AF comes with specific ending caps, completely concealed, in stainless steel to join the heads of the mullions with the transoms in different possible combinations.

transom 100 mm | mullion 50 mm
transom 100 mm | mullion 100 mm