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Secco Sistemi and Moussafir Architectes Associés win the Duo@Work prize

The award ceremony for first edition of the Duo@Work prize took place on October 9th at the inauguration of the Architect@Work Paris exhibition, held by UNSFA; an association of French architects. 

The award, which recognizes excellence in the “collaboration between an architect and an industry,” went to Secco Sistemi and the studio Moussafir Architectes Associés in merit of their shared vision which brought to life the renovation of the Weill building, which shares its name with the historic French Fashion House. 

The architect envisaged a casing that covers the building’s internal courtyard, composed of a series of windows that open outwards and create a continuous facade in burnished brass. This valuable material was chosen to reflect the elegance of the Fashion House. 

Secco Sistemi’s in-house laboratories were able to develop and produce the frames in burnished brass as requested by the architect, assuring optimal performance in terms of waterproofing, draught proofing and resistance to wind. 
As the CEO Alberto Agostini summed up: “The Weill project has been a true example of tailor-made craftsmanship that reconnects industry and artisan skills with a view to excellence and attention to detail. All in the name of great architecture.”

On the 9th October the first edition of the Duo@Work award ceremony took place at the inauguration of the Parisian exhibition Architect@Work held by UNSFA, association of French architects. This award, which recognizes “excellence as represented in a collaboration between an architect and an industry” went to Secco Sistemi and the studio Moussafir Architectes Associés for their collaboration involving the renovation of the Weill building, of the same name as the famous house of haute couture.

The architect envisaged a shell covering the building’s inside courtyard, consisting of a series of windows opening outwards and thus creating a continuous faҫade in burnished brass, the ideal material for reflecting the elegance of the building.

Secco Sistemi’s Laboratory succeeded in developing and creating the openings in burnished brass as desired by the architect while at the same time guaranteeing elevated performance in terms of water proofing, air-tightness and wind resistance. The Managing Director Alberto Agostini concludes, “the Weill project really was a tailor-made solution bringing together industry and craftsmanship in the search for quality and in the attention to detail. All in the name of architecture par excellence.”


Secco Sistemi and Moussafir Architectes Associés win the Duo@Work prize