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one kensington gardens in london uk

Exclusive residential complex in the heart of the city most in demand in the world for real estate investments


  • Deluxe setting in the exclusive residential district in terms of history and tradition

  • Project signed by David Chipperfield: sophisticated elegance and refined detailed solutions

  • Technological innovation and research – Secco Sistemi at the disposal of the architectural project


Kensington Gardens in London: exclusive residential area for history and tradition

London, Kensington Gardens: not only elegance, but a prestigious area also for the image it transmits of economic solidity.

The reorganization of an important block – directly looking on to Royal Park, with a view of Kensington Palace – has included the construction of new factory buildings and new urban structures, as well as the renovation of the nineteenth-century façades, to realize 97 luxury large-sized apartments with the finest materials and finishes and attention to detail.

In an excellent position in London, these apartments are furnished with all the most sophisticated devices for maximum comfort, including private swimming-pool (25 m), fitness centre and spa, resident porter/concierge service 24/24.

Project signed by David Chipperfield: sophisticated elegance and refined detailed solutions

The project outlines an imposing façade for the terrace that looks on to the Park: the front views - starting from the massive solid base in Portland stone – consist of thin horizontal bands alternating with huge glazing panels protected by terraces well-set back and solid balustrades in bronze.

The openings are at full height with sliding glass panels with oversize dimensions: for the whole length of the terraces their height exceeds 3. 80 metres. The glazing panels are not rectilinear but interrupted by deliberate misalignments and axis rotations, without losing the overall visual effect of continuity and transparency.

Technological innovation and research: Secco Sistemi at the disposal of the architectonic project

The approach adopted by Secco Sistemi - oriented towards the search for technological innovation – was necessary here in order to guarantee the excellent levels of performance required for the sliding glazing panels, including sound insulation and air and water tightness, in particular with regard to the higher floors where exposure to the elements is greater. Secco Lab studied, examined and produced a profile ad hoc, certified with the specific technical features required by the project. The result was EBE 85 AS sliding panel, in burnished brass.

The highly efficient performance of this product guarantees parameters that are in line with the extremely high value of these apartments in Kensington Gardens: maximum comfort, safety, sturdiness, durability and sophisticated elegance in the minutely detailed solutions for realizing the design of a complex façade.

Once again, the skill in interpreting and realizing a great project has led Secco Sistemi to realize a great product.

one kensington gardens in london uk