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New ferry boat terminal at Lido (Venice)

On Saturday 9th April 2011 the new Ferry Boat terminal of Santa Maria Elisabetta at the Lido was inaugurated in the presence of the Mobility Councillor, Ugo Bergamo of the City of Venice, the chairman of ACTV (Azienda Consortile Trasporti Veneziani), Marcello Panettoni and the chairman of PMV (Società del Patrimonio per la Mobilità Veneziana), Antonio Stifanelli.

The project restores to the island an important mooring site for the Lido ferries as well as constituting a strong sign in favour of the local residents’ needs and providing tourists with space for both relaxation and culture in accordance with their preferences.

Given the success of the intervention, designed by the architects Pierpaolo Fugali and Luca Gasparini, the ceremony was also instrumental in putting an end to the polemical discussions raised about its accomplishment and concerning the other 4 mooring sites already operative.

The casings used for this important operation were realized with Secco Sistemi Sistemacciaio AISI 316 L profiles in stainless steel for the door and window frames. In fact, this material is particularly suitable for marine environments and places frequented assiduously by the public in great numbers.

New ferry boat terminal at Lido (Venice)