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New 2017
general catalogue

new professional photos to show the beauty of materials

new nomenclature to rearrange the different kind of systems

synoptic table displaying all 16 products and comparing technical and performance features - in the special double page with folded sheets

new systems OS2 75, EBE 75, 4F1, 4F2, 4F AF – together with the system upgrades and maintenance - all featured with excellent photos, taken from the outside and inside, and with the background in the same metal profile, to capture the material and chromatic richness

OS2 promotes the great versatility of the system thanks to new opening solutions: tilt and turn, vertical pivot, horizontal pivot and folding windows. It also presents its many variants through detail pictures of different windows

4F The curtain wall illustrates its potential by using the synergy with other products

accessories in the new section, the photographed products - a representative selection of the many available accessories types - show the particular shapes, sizes and finishes that make them unique in the market

technical drawings 250 new drawings, an important enrichment for the architect

New 2017 general catalogue