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MADE Expo 2015: EBE - development

Improvements in the comfort of the EBE fixtures continue to be made: transparency, integrated safety, durability, all without renouncing the slenderness of the shapes and the multi-material characteristics of the Secco Sistemi products.

Larger windows, more advanced technology and materials that are increasingly innovative. Secco Sistemi has added a second set of hardware to the catalogue developed with AGB that is capable of reaching 150 kg load for T&T windows with exposed hinges and 150 kg load for concealed or fully integrated hinges. Moreover, it is able to double the resistance to corrosion, reaching the level of 2,000 hrs in the salt spray test, as well as adding the RC2 safety level to the standard products, and RC3 and RC4 upon request.

EBE: a high-performing product in more ways than one, that is suitable for clients with multiple needs.

MADE Expo 2015: EBE  - development