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MADE Expo 2015: EBE 75 – present-day aim

Secco Sistemi has dedicated a new system to the architecture that requires contemporary design fixtures featuring simple shapes while controlling shade and overlaps.

EBE 75 offers internal and external flush mounting between frame and leaf for doors, windows and fixed panels, standard-fitting concealed or integrated hinges and a central section of only 107 mm, respecting the clean-cut lines and the precision of the perspective drawing.

The linearity and the elegance of EBE 75 perfectly complement the technological functions of the world of EBE, continually being further developed to improve the quality.

As always, the solutions can be realized in the four materials used by Secco Sistemi: galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass.

MADE Expo 2015: EBE 75 – present-day aim