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An even more effective presentation of the products, with original photo details; The latest Secco Sistemi projects in Italy and abroad; The full technical file of the new OS2 75.

Secco systems directly express their quality and versatility: to make them understand the best way, we took close-up photos of all the products.
Isolated from their context, the windows corners - complete with glasses and accessories - are taken from the front and from the side, both from the inside and from the outside. So each line and every fold of the profiles are clear and flawless, in the colors and precious materials of the noble Secco Sistemi metals, galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten and brass.

In order to see the Secco systems and profiles integrated into the most recent architectural works, the latest projects, shown through special photo campaigns, have been added to the site: new buildings and renovation, in Venice and Berlin, Milan and Paris, Rome and London ... Icon-buildings in the big cities of Europe, contemporary design protagonists, award-winning projects for their relationship with the environment and the landscape.

The full technical file of the new OS2 75 system is also included in website, with the two OS2 75.1 and OS2 75.2 subsystems and the over 40 slender profiles, meticulously designed in order to choose from the many variants - in the design of the window and in the opening type - and for reaching the very high performance level of the OS2 thermal break system by Secco Sistemi.

Get all the latest news on Secco Sistemi website