Secco Lab

research lab

Secco Lab

Secco Sistemi renews its constant commitment to quality and innovation of the product with the creation of Secco Lab: a laboratory for research and specialized services for production, design and workshop.


What Secco Lab is

  • A strategic tool specifically for the development of the product
  • A means of support in terms of business growth

What Secco Lab does

  • Research and development regarding innovative products
  • Consultancy, assistance with projects
  • Training, development and prototyping
  • Efficiency tests
  • Certification of the product

Why Secco Lab

  • To invest in knowledge and skill
  • To “create a system”
  • To train with a view to creating responsible projects


A strategic tool to use for the development of the product

Industrial technical skill, sixty years of experience, recognized reliability, continuous search for quality and careful attention to the contemporary scene – all these factors have brought Secco Sistemi – leading Italian brand in the production of structures and façades in steel – to invest in a strategic project called Secco Lab, a structural branch of the company that is dedicated to development, testing and certification of the product.

The decision to set up an internal body focused on furnishing specialized services clearly highlights to what extent the method of design and industrial realization has been transformed: nowadays the end product is no longer conceived as self-referential but rather the result of a process in which numerous areas of expertise are called upon to coalesce in the formation of an interactive and interdependent hub of manufacturers, professional figures and machine shops.

The creation of responsible projects

Secco Lab turns to the professional figures, as well as furnishing the tools to achieve the quality and performance of the different systems, through the following concepts:

– consultancy on the types of fixtures to implement, in relation to the specific environmental, technological and aesthetic demands of the project;

– designing and development of the new closing systems, which may be obtained with ad hoc solutions for problematic contexts deviating from the standard;

– on-site inspection of the reliability of the product, guaranteed by the valuable Ift Rosenheim partner certification.

Secco Lab carries out training courses and assistance for machine shop operators, both new and partners, that are entrusted with the realization of fixtures as per catalogue, or if necessary designed ad hoc for specific needs.

Secco Lab Is completely at the disposal of the operators who following the technical specifications realize and test the prototypes of the fixture in terms of air-water-wind resistance, thus acquiring competence, efficiency and safety, as well as the ability to understand and resolve on-site any possible unexpected problems that may arise.

The importance of “creating a system”

The continuous updating and training of all those concerned in the production process – from top to bottom and from bottom to top – generates a constant reciprocal exchange which brings the interlocutors to mature in terms of the culture of quality, undertaking to adhere to the principles and divulge the value of them responsibly.

In this way a network of operators is created that is capable of managing and coordinating the entire process, from the production of profiled bars to assistance with technical problems and marketing, maintaining extremely high levels of competence and quality.

Secco Lab is able to provide guarantees for the products on the market, which is reassuring for the client and for the machine shops, to the extent that it is often involved in the managing of the works as well as inspection of work carried out.

Support in terms of business growth

The role of Secco Lab does not end with the supplying of services and training, nor with the mere “creation of a network”.

Secco Lab represents a tool for the development, testing of quality and rationalization of the process for Secco Sistemi.

In constant collaboration with the engineering office, Secco Lab tests ideas and projects, realizes prototypes of new systems, and works on improving those already on the market in order to reduce production times or to simplify their construction while maintaining constant the high level of performance that is guaranteed and certified.

Being directly involved with the production, physically at only a short distance away, guarantees the optimization of the profiles, through re-definition of the tolerances, in order to achieve increasingly efficient workability of the end product.