Secco Lab
research lab

Secco Sistemi renews its constant commitment to product quality and innovation with the creation of Secco Lab: a research laboratory and specialized services for production, design and the workshop.

What is Secco Lab
A strategic tool at the service of product development
A support for the growth of the company

What Secco Lab does
Research and development on innovative products
consultancy, project assistance
training, development and prototyping
efficiency check
product certification

Why Secco Lab
To invest in knowledge and expertise
To “make a system”
To train in conscious design

A strategic tool at the service of product development
The industrial technical competence, the sixty-year experience, the recognized reliability, the continuous search for quality and the attention to the contemporary context lead Secco Sistemi – the leading Italian brand in the production of systems for steel windows and facades – to invest in a strategic project – Secco Lab – corporate structure for product development, verification and certification. The decision to activate an internal structure dedicated to the supply of specialized services highlights the transformation in the method of industrial design and construction: the product today is no longer conceivable as a self-referential object, concluded in itself, but rather as the result of a process to which contribute numerous skills in a relationship of strong interdependence between producers, professionals, workshops.

Training in conscious design
Secco Lab is aimed at professionals. It provides tools for understanding the qualities and performance of the different systems through consultancy on the type of window and door to be used, in relation to the specific environmental, performance and expressive needs of the project; design and development of new locking systems, which can solve non-standard problems with ad hoc solutions; on-site verification of product reliability, guaranteed by the issue of the prestigious Ift Rosenheim partner certification. Secco Lab carries out training and assistance activities for the operators of the new or partner workshops in charge of the production of doors and windows from the catalog or, if necessary, designed ad hoc. Secco Lab is available to operators who, in compliance with the technical note, can create and test the prototype of the window on the air-water-wind bench, acquiring competence, efficiency and safety as well as understanding and solving possible unexpected events on site.

The importance of “making a system”
The continuous information and training of the protagonists of the process – top-bottom and bottom-top – generates a constant reciprocal exchange that leads all interlocutors to grow in the culture of quality, adopting its principles and spreading its value more and more consciously. From the comparison promoted by Secco Lab, a network of operators is created capable of managing the entire process in an integrated and coordinated way, from the production of profiled bars to assistance for technical problems, up to marketing, maintaining very high levels of competence and quality. Secco Lab is a tool capable of providing guarantees on products placed on the market, reassuring for clients and workshops, so much so that it is often involved in construction management and verification of the work performed.

A support for the growth of the company
Secco Lab’s role does not end with providing services and training or “networking”. Secco Lab represents a development, quality verification and process rationalization tool for Secco Sistemi itself. In constant collaboration with the technical office, Secco Lab verifies ideas and projects, creates prototypes of new systems, works on the improvement of those on the market to reduce production times or simplify their construction, maintaining constant the high level of guaranteed performance and certificate. A direct relationship with the production, located only a few meters away, guarantees, for example, by redefining the tolerances, the optimization of the profile for an increasingly efficient workability.