WongAvery Music Gallery
Cambridge, England
McLaughlin Niall
David Valinsky
Wellington Glazing
messing brüniert

WongAvery Music Gallery is an architectural work dedicated to the study of music in Cambridge and built in honor of Dennis S. Avery, alumnus of the University and founding member of the Avery-Tsui Foundation.
Characterized by a Greek cross plan that identifies it and differentiates it from ordinary theatres, the gallery is designed to accommodate performances, rehearsals, recitals, lessons and music exercises in its central part, while each arm is reserved for seating for the audience and shelves for sheet music.
Steel, concrete and four different types of stone from the United Kingdom alternate in the 77 square meters of clear, enveloping space, flooded by the natural light coming from the glazed lantern and the long vertical windows that the OS2 75 systems allow to open completely towards the garden, allowing to listen to the music coming from inside as well as outside, in the splendid courtyard of the Trinity Hall.