Villa Alps
Lumezzane, Brescia - Italia
Camillo Botticini Architect
Sistemi & Progetti
lackierter verzinkter stahl
In a clearing in the trees at a height of around 700 metres, embedded in the steep north slope and projected southwards to the valley, the villa was built in such a way that it frames the alpine landscape around it near Passo del Cavallo in the best possible way. The strong radication in the ground follows the lie of the terrain, while the elements of the structure are integrated in the nature of the mountains around it. The project foresaw natural materials to match the colours of the landscape – steel, oxidised copper, acetylated wood and iroko wood – and the necessary expedients to reduce energy consumption and costs – a geothermic system, thick walling, ventilated walls, insulating glass and Secco Sistemi doors and windows with thermal break. Integration with the natural environment continues inside with a C-plan with a fluid arrangement of the spaces: the central part is suspended between the patio in the north and the valley in the south, nature and architecture communicate through the completely transparent walls of the living room with sliding doors with the EBE 85 AS system in painted galvanised steel.