Punta della Dogana
Venezia, Italia
Tadao Ando
Fulvio Orsenigo, Alessandra Chemollo
Due Esse srl
lackierter verzinkter stahl
Located in a strategic point from where the city interacts with the lagoon, Punta della Dogana, transformed in the 17th century from salt storage into ancient mercantile customs of Serenissima, is a triangular shaped building, like the prow of a ship, which is dominated by an imposing sculptural group: a bronze sphere held by two statues of atlas and topped by Lady Luck who rotates in the direction of the wind. In 2009, the former customs house, under the instruction of the François Pinault Foundation, was the subject of a new transformation. The project patronised by Tadao Ando, preserves the original architecture, yet reconfigures the space to convert it into a contemporary art centre. The modulation of natural light and the originality of the exterior walls made from bricks and Istrian stone are enhanced by the replacement of wooden framed windows with thermally broken EBE 65 in painted galvanised steel, suitable for supporting large glazed doors on the ground floor and the arched windows on the upper floor. The new windows and doors, make the space brighter and ensure an enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, as is needed for an exhibition space of this type.