Podere Panico
Siena, Italia
Fulvio Di Rosa
Alessandra Chemollo
Alberti snc
messing brüniert
Restoration of the seventeenth-century farm on a clayey hills in Siena adopted working methods that paid the greatest respect to the original materials and techniques and its painstaking refurbishment reveals its passion for testimonies of the past. The simplicity of the rural buildings (stalls, furnace, house) has preserved its original appearance so it can convey the history and culture of a region of outstanding beauty, which is a strong point of the small, luxury resort. In addition to the meticulous restoration of the original materials – the floors and facing in terracotta, the roof tiles and the wooden beams in the ceiling – new elements were also added. Meeting both aesthetic and high performance requirements related to this new use, these include the windows and doors that have slim burnished brass profiles with the 0S2 75 system to frame the views of the Tuscan landscape, evoking famous paintings and offering an uninterrupted narration with the constant change in colours according to the time of day, weather and seasons.