Hansen Museum
Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do - 대한민국, 大韓民國, Daehan Minguk - South Korea
Kim Jong-kyu (M.A.R.U.)
Kim Yongkwan
lackierter verzinkter stahl
A port city on the South Chinese Sea, Yeosu is a tourist destination owing to the landscape of the coast, the islands and the city itself, which has grown considerably recently, also owing to EXPO 2012. A symbol of young contemporary architecture in South Korea, the expansion of the Hansen Museum had to take into account the nature of its location, on a hill, and relate to the existing, binding building of the former missionary hospital completed in 1927. Simple parallelepipeds in grey concrete match the early twentieth century building that has just two floors without exceeding it in height. Dug into the hill, in the interior and exterior the museum is on various levels that are connected by a system of itineraries, squares and courtyards that are either paved or green. The project is based on the repetition of few essential elements, which disguise the complicated layout of the exhibition spaces: designed with the EBE 65 system in painted galvanised steel, by suggesting the idea of continuity between the interior and exterior, and bringing natural light to the museum, together with the skylights in the roof, the deep longitudinal cuts play a fundamental role in the composition of the smooth, continuous vertical planes.