Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse
Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do - 대한민국, 大韓民國, Daehan Minguk - South Korea
Kyeong Sik Yoon
Hiroyuki Hirai
lackierter verzinkter stahl
The Nine Bridges Country Club clubhouse is a luxurious accommodation structure annexed to the 18-hole golf course in the woods of the South Korea county of Yeoju. The hall rises three floors above the main body in the complex – a double square measuring 36 x 72 m – with a wooden structure and uninterrupted walls in glass and steel, and wall partitions in natural stone. In contrast, the abstract transparency of the glassed perimeter and the amplitude of the empty space inside are emphasised by the material and shape of the load bearing structure: from the floor to the ceiling fir wood columns take on the organic shape of a tree and rise towards the roof. The fascinating art nouveau floral ceilings in iron and glass have been created by the complex changing geometrical patterns calculated with a new software that was developed for the very purpose and a completely computerised procedure, but what is the most fascinating is being able to see this structure through the uninterrupted extensive windows with their EBE 65 and 4F 2 profiles in painted galvanised steel.