East Pearl Garden
Shanghai, China
Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo
messing brüniert
In an organic or dialectic relationship with nature, either an expression of power and social aspirations or a place of relaxation and respite, the villa has always been less restricted by formal rules than any other kind of architecture. Evoking memories of things that have been seen, and a desire for grandeur, the compact volumes of theses villas do not seek integration with the surrounding landscape; instead, they appear rather isolated in their symmetrical shapes and high quality materials that characterise the façades and allow the panorama to enter through the large windows. The fragments of an imaginary and varied sample book of decorative motifs and architectural details are composed and freely combined on the façades, like a collage. In the more than ten palatial villas built in Shanghai, the pattern of the windows is also part of the lavish game of the reproduction of the geometrical or floral motifs: to translate all the kinds of doors and windows in a great variety of shapes and dimensions, EBE Style in burnished brass is able to interpret the themes of decoration and luxury with the greatest versatility.